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AHB Pet & Home Care offers both timed and untimed visits.

Here we will discuss the advantages of our untimed services.

Why offer untimed visits?

After making thousands of pet sitting visits, there are two things that we are absolutely sure of:

1. No two visits are exactly the same. This is often true even with two separate visits to the same pet.

2. A timer does not guarantee great service. The best service comes from satisfying all of a pet's needs and the client's expectations.

When making visits without time limits, our sitters are freed from watching the clock. This means no rushing out on pets and no unexpected costs for you. We truly believe that for our Care Packages, this is the absolute best way to give our clients the very best service.


What are timed and untimed pet sitting visits?

TRADITIONAL TIMED VISITS - The most common type of pet sitting and dog walking visit. All of your pet's needs must be met within the agreed-upon timeframe; and if you need more time, you pay for it. We offer this traditional type of service for Daycare and Boarding, Hotel Pet Sitting and Wedding Pet Chaperones.  

ADAPTABLE UNTIMED VISITS - A modern approach to pet sitting. Your pet's emotional and physical needs determine the length of the visit. You tell us what your pet will need on each visit and our goal is to meet those needs without the pressure of a specified amount of time. This is the type of service we offer when we go to your home and care for your pets.  

We consider our clients as family members who deserve the absolute best service.
— AHB Pet & Home Care
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Quality over quantity

Our goal when we visit your pet is always to provide the highest level of pet care, and that can't always necessarily be timed.

Here are a few examples that show the benefits of untimed visits:

  • Should your pet have an accident in the house, the time spent cleaning will never take away from the time spent loving your pet. Also, there will be no additional charge.
  • When your sitter and pet are having a great time, they are free to continue doing so, without worrying about the clock.
  • If your pet is not feeling too social, they can enjoy their solitude as soon as their sitter finishes with all the necessary pet care. 

All-inclusive visits

care packages

Our visits do not have hidden costs. You tell us what your pet needs and we will make sure that he receives the care to which he is accustomed. This can include spoon feeding the dog and making sure the cat gets a chance to go outside for a while.

Because we specialize in pet sitting for families that are away, we always offer practical home care such as: retrieving the mail and newspaper, rotating the blinds and lights and bringing trash and recycling cans to and from the curb.

Regardless of the extra duties associated with home care, our visits end only after your pet's emotional and physical needs have been met. 


Choosing an AHB Care Package

We offer 2 levels of untimed visits - the Standard Care Package and the Extra Care Package. 

STANDARD CARE PACKAGE - Perfect for homes with less than 4 pets needing love, care and attention. This package has more than enough room for all types of pets that may have different physical needs. Depending on your family's individual needs, this package could also be appropriate for large pet households.

EXTRA CARE PACKAGE - Depending on your pet's medical needs or the amount of pets that need our attention, we may recommend this package. This will allow us to properly satisfy your pet's specific needs. Unless hourly visits are scheduled, this package MUST be selected for pets that require insulin.

Your pet's safety is our primary concern. With untimed pet sitting visits, we ensure that your pet's needs are met and we also take the necessary precautions to keep your pet and home safe.

With our all-inclusive visits, you never have to worry that your pet is being short-changed by the clock. Click the button below to speak to us about your pet care needs.