5 creative names for your male dog

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Choosing a unique name for your male dog

Have you ever noticed how many dogs there are with the name Max, Charlie and Buddy? While these are all great classic pooch names, sometimes your dog's personality needs a name with a little more zing. When your dog is truly one-of-a-kind, you don't want him to have a super-common name. 

Unique dog names are great dog names, but here are some things that you should keep in mind: 

  1. Not all names are good for all breeds. Of course, stereotypes should not exist, but they do; keeping that in mind, the name "Havoc" may be cute for your 4-pound PomChi, but it may make people apprehensive about your 80-pound Rottweiler. 
  2. Your dog's name reflects on you. Your dog's name should not show a lack of social sensitivity. For example, naming your dog "Hitler" or "M-16" may make people look at you in a negative light. 
  3. Your dog's name should be easy to pronounce. Choosing your dog's name should take real time and effort, but explaining the dog's name should not.
  4. The name you choose should not be similar to a command word, such as "no" or "stay". Choosing a 2 syllable name can help with this.
  5. Choose a name that you are comfortable yelling out in public. Calling your Bulldog "Fat Dude" may be a lot cuter in the house, than in a dog park full of people.

Our top 5 name choices

We have put these names in alphabetical order, not in the order of our preferences. We hope this will help.

  1. DOUG - Dogs with this name are likely to feel like a friend that you can hang out with. Very chill and relaxed, Doug is the kind of dog that stays on the couch when you answer the door.
  2. EINSTEIN - If you have a smart dog that loves a challenge, this is a great name choice. Einstein is a high-energy dog that can get into mischief if he is not kept busy.

  3. PANCHO - Named after the old western sidekick, Pancho is the kind of dog that is loyal and up for anything.

  4. PHOENIX - This is a good name for the kind of dog that has beat the odds. Perfect any dog with a proven will to survive.

  5. POPS - Pops is a cool dog (think Louis Armstrong). While this is a good name for a senior dog, it can also be used for a dog with a big personality.

Does your dog have a unique name? Please share it with us in the comments.