5 great female cat names

Choosing a name for your cat

Since we have a post to help name your male cat, we just had to make a suggestion list for females. So, here are our 5 favorite girl cat names. 

We have listed the names in alphabetical order. We hope this helps. And congratulations on your new cat!

female cat names

Our 5 favorite names for girl cats

  1. ALICE - Probably the most curious of all cats. She will always be in the middle of every mix.
  2. CALLIE - This name is not just for your calico. The Greek meaning of this name is "the most beautiful", so it is appropriate for any pretty kitty. 
  3. CHLOE - She is a sweet and talkative companion. This is a great name for a small breed cat who loves to cuddle. 
  4. MIDNIGHT - This girl is truly a nocturnal introvert. She would prefer to do all of her playing, eating and explorations after you go to sleep. Don't stay up on her account. 
  5. NALA - This cat is strong and independent and you are owned by her, not the other way around.

What did you name YOUR cat?

Please share your ideas in the comments.