5 great male cat names

Choosing a name for your cat

For some people, their cat's name just seems to pop into their head and fit immediately. For many others, finding the right name is a lengthy process.

We have put together a list of our 5 top picks. We encourage you to get 5 cats and use all of our suggestions.

Because the name you give your cat is important, we recommend that you don't choose the name until you meet the cat. 

Our 5 favorite male cat names

We have put these names in alphabetical order, not in the order of our preferences. We hope this will help.

  1. GIZMO - This is a great name for small breed cats that are curious and busy. Gizmo will entertain you all day.
  2. HOUDINI - This is the cat that you will never see. He will probably be perfectly content to live under the bed or in the back corner of your closet.
  3. OLIVER - He is a born leader. Smart, strong-willed and confident. Oliver may not be a lap cat, but he is likely to bring you presents. 
  4. SEBASTIAN - A laid back, chill type cat. Sebastians are typically easy-going, independent and friendly. You will probably find him asleep in the window sill.
  5. SOX- Perfect for a cat who looks like he is wearing socks. He is playful and will be sleeping with you in your bed. 
naming your cat

What is your cat's name? Please share with us in the comments.