Honey Boardman - Owner

Honey - Owner / Busy Bee

Born and raised in Springfield, Honey has been volunteering and working in the Pioneer Valley for 25+ years. Over the years she has become a Jill-of-all-trades, but she's always been drawn to jobs that allow her to work directly with people. A couple of her favorite jobs have been courtroom interpreter and nurse's aide.

Anyone who knows her would agree that she is definitely a people person. 

Honey Boardman

A Natural Helper

As early as she can remember, Honey has had a real interest in finding practical ways to serve others. What started off with babysitting and errands for neighbors grew into a love for helping others. By the age of 12, she was regularly spending school vacations and weekends volunteering with the United Way. 

In high school, she would frequently conduct independent, anonymous surveys to try and better understand her peers. Honey's passion for people can be seen in many of the AHB policies that deal with communication within the team and with clients.

Things Change

In 2015, the idea of a pet sitting business became a reality. As a wife and mom, Honey wanted more time to be with the ones she loves the most. This was especially true because Honey and Aaron are foster parents for children with therapeutic needs. Honey wanted to be present as much as possible to help her children with their emotional growth and stability; and while she had enjoyed her work for 10 years, her job in insurance sales did not allow for the type of time ownership she was looking for.

Working together as husband and wife team required lots of adjustments, but for Honey it was all worth it. 

Behind The Scenes

When AHB got it’s start, Honey and Aaron were a 2-man operation and many of the original clients remember a time when they dealt directly and exclusively with Honey. Since then, the team has grown and she is much more behind the scenes, but still VERY interested in the clients, both human and animal. At least once a month, she tries to be on the pet sitting side of things to see how she might work towards making a better experience for the pets, their people and the sitters. So don't be surprised if she turns up at your meet and greet or makes a scheduled visit to your pets. 

Honey Boardman