What we do:

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Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Hotel Pet Care and Wedding Pet Chaperones: Our in-home pet care services are all-inclusive. That means that we will care for all the pets in your home for no additional fee. Also, we will make sure that your home looks lived in and cared for while you are away.

All pet care visits end with a picture of your pets (if possible) and an update from your sitter; with our pet sitting software, you can receive these updates instantly to your phone.

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How we charge:

Pet sitting rates are different than what you might be used to with daycares or dog walking companies. Daycares charge for the time that you are away and dog walkers charge for the time that they are with your dog. Both models have additional pet fees. 

The primary focus of our team is to make sure that your pets are happy and safe, not on the amount of time we spend caring for them. Our Care Packages are untimed and all-inclusive; that means that we provide all necessary pet and home care and we stay until all of your pet's needs are met. Click HERE to learn more about our untimed visits.


dog walking and vacation pet care

Standard Care Package - $25

Extra Care Package - $36

Scheduling visits with us is like sending home a care package to your pet.
— AHB Pet & Home Care
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hotel visits, vacation pet care & wedding pet chaperones

Hourly Visits - Starting at $40

We make pet care special
— AHB Pet & Home Care

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